The Most Actively Traded Commodity in The Market

Oil offers traders high liquidity and excellent opportunities to profit in nearly all market conditions due to its unique status within global economic/political systems.
As the world observes increasing energy consumption and economic growth, it also sees a rise in the value of this commodity.

Oil cannot be naturally replaced at the rate of its consumption, making this asset a limited natural resource.

Volatility wise, there are numerous factors that drive the dynamics of the Oil market: most important is the endless demand for Oil as fuel and in industry. Therefore, the global supply and demand balance significantly influences the price of Oil.

Another highly influential factor on Oil prices is political instability. Many of the top Oil production nations are located in unstable regions, a fact that can heavily affect the production process. Market sentiment is also extremely influential, especially within short-term trading which makes up for the vast majority of Oil trading.

Learn how to trade Oil and increase your ROIs.