The World’s Most Popular Currency Pair

When it comes to the global economy, the U.S. dollar and the Euro are the most widely traded and held currencies worldwide. Not surprisingly, EUR/USD is therefore known for being the most actively traded currency pair in the forex market, while offering the lowest spread to traders.

A winning combination of high activity and large trading volumes makes EUR/USD an attractive pair for beginners and experienced traders alike. For novice traders, EUR/USD is a good place to start as the pair responds well to basic technical studies and trading strategies learned in the trader’s initial stage. As a result, trading EUR/USD usually helps to strengthen confidence during the learning curve and strategy building process.

From the fundamental angle, perpetual global media coverage of both the Eurozone and the U.S ensures that key factors affecting the EUR/USD, such as the relative strengths of these two economies or political instability, will always be easy to follow. 

Choosing to trade EUR/USD pair allows traders a lucrative trading opportunity, while high liquidity together with competitive pricing can boost investors’ chance of enjoying the fruits of successful trading. 

Learn how to trade EUR/USD and increase your ROIs.