The 40 Largest Equities Listed in France

The CAC 40, the most widely-used indicator of the French market, reflects the performance of the 40 most profitable companies listed in France. This index was developed with a base level of 1,000 as of December 31, 1987 and has since become a stand-out factor in European markets, traded amongst professional and beginner traders alike, due to its sizable volume and constant media attention. 

Many of the companies on the CAC40 are highly globalized, including L’Oreal, Michelin, BNP Paribas and AXA amongst others. These conduct a dynamic activity in foreign markets. Therefore, keeping an eye on global economic conditions will always lead to smarter trades. 

A few CAC facts:

  • CAC companies conduct more than 2/3 of their business overseas and employ over 2/3 of their workforce outside of France.
  • The CAC is one of the main national indices of the stock exchange group Euronext alongside Amsterdam’s AEX, Brussels’ BEL20 and Lisbon’s PSI-20.
  • Acting as one of Europe’s leading economies, the CAC is a strong indicator of the economic performance and health of Europe as a whole.
  • When one of the components in the CAC 40 perform well, it brings up the value of the index altogether.

Learn how to trade CAC40 and increase your ROIs.